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CLUB CARD is attached with “BUSINESS CLUB BUFFET COVER” for two persons at our associate star hotel, and eligible to participate as a stake-holder in a particular business project by depositing a sum in their personal account, once it is decided by the members in a conference, a saving account will be opened at our official bank branch, whereas, the financial transaction of the registered ‘business entity’ will be handled by the elected ‘president & treasurer’ among the member group, who will preside the board of directors meeting, and every business proceeding details will be updated to the involved members.

PROCEDURE: Once a business project is announced and details are posted on the official website, then the members as business stakeholders can pitch-in/apply depending upon the mentioned number of member requirement, the group size may vary and limited to 30, 50 or 100 members only, that depend upon the type of project/sector and market size, the maximum revenue generation, the project will be developed could be inclusive of having a fixed asset.

INCOME: Once the participation is confirmed, the members need to transfer the deposited amount to the registered business project‘s bank account, which is mutually handled by the elected “president and treasurer” the money will be utilized towards purchase of a fixed asset, business infrastructure and as a working capital, especially for elevating the business operation, 60% of the net profits will be distributed among the participated members and 40% will goes to “Prem & Associate” (pls. read the last paragraph), further the members as business partners are also eligible for complimentary gifts ,which depends upon the size of revenue it generates.

ENTERTAINMENT BENEFIT: Members will get a special invitation for business seminar/conference free entry for the weekend DJ parties, and the participated group members of the particular business project will get entry passes for live events, bonus group domestic & foreign tours.

GIFTS & DISCOUNT: Members will benefit with free gifts, as it will be announced by Business Club associates and up-to 10% discount on food & beverages, as well as a special discount in banquet hall booking for their family/business celebrations/conference, who will also benefit with the discounts & offers in shopping, which will be announced by the club management/ official bankers.

COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT: Members will be benefited with a two days complimentary stay package at our associate resort.

OTHER FINANCIAL BENEFITS: Members will avail an interest free credit/loan facility from our official banker, once it is announced to participate in further business projects, the free interest term-period will be declared prior to their application.

PREM & ASSOCIATE: The core authorized entity is holding the club royalty, and management/organizing the business activities, who will develop a much profitable business projects, matching best with the on-going market trend and the prospective customers need, which can be managed by a minimum manpower, they will be trained to have the best digital acquaintance, further the business project will be introduced with an effective marketing strategy to get an instant brand popularity also to generate more revenue.